Hospitals & health care

We offer a range of different solu­tions for hospitals and health service.

We make custom-made solu­tions suitable for your situ­ation, and together we find the product and system that will benefit you the most.

Gibotech has built automation solu­tions since 1983
We have a unique port­folio of auto­mated hospital solu­tions that each has specific strengths and which can all be custom-made for the cust­omers’ needs and requests.

Patient safety

The reduction of manual processes mini­mizes the risk of human errors.


Implementing robotics technology provides a higher effi­ciency with the same amount of employees.

Working condi­tions

Automation reduces mono­tonous and repe­ating tasks and improves employees’ ergo­nomic conditions.

Why we are the right partner for your automation solution

Whether you want a fully auto­matic steri­lization central, sorting of blood samples, or auto­matic high bay ware­houses and goods intake, Gibotech has the solution. And because we are some of the first to create these solu­tions we can also quickly develop new solu­tions in the future.

Through the years, Gibotech has produced unique automation solu­tions for hospitals and the health sector, and back in 2011, the first auto­mated steri­lization central was installed at Gentofte Hospital.

The deve­l­opment of Gibosort followed in 2015, which sort and distri­butes blood and micro­bi­o­lo­gical tests, and in 2016 we installed an auto­matic goods intake at Herlev Hospital.

The latest solution for a hospital is a complete auto­matic steri­lization central at Rigshospitalet, which will be finished in 2018.


We have speci­a­lized in robots and automation since 1983, therefore, regardless of your need for advice and guidance, we will help you.

With numerous projects, cust­omers, and solu­tions we can advise you accu­rately and effi­ci­ently so you can quickly secure your inve­stment, create profit and healthy working conditions.

Mobile robots

Implementing mobile robots at hospitals opti­mizes logi­stics and increases tracea­bility of the items being trans­ported. At the same time, employees have more time for e.g. patient-focused tasks.

Blood samples

Gibotech has deve­loped a solution based on robotics technology for auto­matic regi­stration and handling of blood samples, which makes faster prio­ri­tizing and answers to the tests possible.

Goods reception

Automatic goods reception and handling free employee resources and increase tracea­bility of the received goods.

Sterilization central

Gibotech has deve­loped, deli­vered, and installed the world’s first robotics based auto­matic storage and pack­aging system for sterile instru­ments and disposables.

Selected products

Our high-tech automation solu­tions for hospitals and the health sector are built-in modules. This provides us with the best starting point and we are always able to construct and deliver a solution that suits the needs of our cust­omers’ perfectly.

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