CNC machines

At Gibotech, we offer CNC machines to a wide range of cust­omers. CNC stands for Computerized Numerically Controlled, and they make it possible to produce uniform and complex parts in hard mate­rials using a computer. Whether it is stand alone CNC machines or a machining center with auto­mated handling of items, Gibotech can supply CNC machines that increase effi­ciency, improve compe­ti­ti­venes and help improve the working environment.
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Our expert in CNC machines and saws

If you want to know more about how a CNC machine will improve your effectivity and increase your compe­ti­ti­venes, please contact Henrik Thomsen, Product Manager CNC. He will guide you to the best solution and calculate the ROI of the machine. 

Call Henrik on + 45 20 66 35 18 or send him an email on hgt@​gibotech.​dk

CNC machines for wood

Since the beginning in 1984, we have been deve­l­oping solu­tions with CNC machines for processing wood, and since then we have deve­loped a wide distri­bution network for all kinds of CNC machining. Our extensive expe­rience with CNC machines for wood processing means that we are able to deliver everything from complex solu­tions to machining i.e. chair compo­nents and stairs and more simple solu­tions as well as machining everything within wood fibre boards. Our partners in CNC machines for wood are CMS and SCM. SCM and CMS CNC machines make it possible to handle several tasks in a single machining. We are speci­a­lists in creating complete CNC solu­tions with auto­matic machine tending, where robots handle the items, so that employees are spared heavy lifting and one-sided, repe­titive work. Whether you need a CNC cutter for milling wood or more complex solu­tions, we always supply machines of the best quality and with a long life expectancy in colla­bo­ration with SCM and CMS

CNC machines for plast

CNC processing of plastics requires machines speci­fi­cally designed for this purpose. We have great expe­rience in which type of machine to choose and how the machine should be constructed to meet the customer’s requests and requi­re­ments. The CNC machines for plastics, which Gibotech supplies, is of the brand CMS that also produces vacuum molding machines for the plastic industry. 

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CNC machining

By making use of CNC machines, you can minimize the heavy lifting and the amount of one-sided work for your employees. In addition, you can reduce noise and other harmful influ­ences. This will help create a better and safer working environment that can reduce the number of work related injuries and sick days. Gibotech is a complete automation house, and we can offer to create many different solu­tions within automation. We can therefore also help to automate the loading process via a robot, so you get a complete automation solution with all the advan­tages. The CNC machines sold at Gibotech are deve­loped with a focus on effi­ciency, and they can therefore help increase the productivity of your business and ensure shorter delivery times. With a well-functioning CNC machine it is possible to produce at the same price 24 hours a day throughout the year. In addition to CNC machines, we also offer a wide range of other robotic solu­tions for both industry and healt­hcare. For the industry, we can offer various indu­strial robots, which include large, heavy robots, mobile robots and colla­bo­rative robots, all of which can help make daily work more effi­cient. In addition, we can offer to produce hospital robots that fit the indi­vidual hospital. The solu­tions include help with blood testing, product handling and steri­lization depar­te­ments, all of which can help increase effi­ciency and patient safety in hospitals as well as improve the working environment for the staff.
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CNC machines for stone

It takes a very special machine and technology to be able to process a material as stone. The CNC machines sold at Gibotech are specially deve­loped to be able to work in various mate­rials such as marble, granite, ceramics and composite stone. The electro spindle is CMS own technology, liquid cooled and with up to 30 kW, which guarantees optimal working condi­tions and up to 21% lower cycle times.
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CNC machines for composit

Processing of different kinds of composite is complex, and it is important to choose the right processing center which is confi­gured so e.g. the right spindle motor is chosen and that rails and others are covered and protected against the aggressive dust particles which are often created when processing composite. For the processing of composite Gibotech uses CMS, among others. CMS supplies CNC processing centers for several car manu­fa­c­turers that produce parts in a composite material.

CNC machines

All CNC machines offered by Gibotech are made with a focus on effi­ciency, and they can therefore help increase the productivity of your business and ensure shorter delivery times. With a well-functioning CNC machine it is possible to produce at the same price 24 hours a day all year. By auto­mating various work processes in your business, you free up time for your employees to spend on other, more demanding tasks. There is therefore good reason to implement a CNC machine in the workflow of your company. Common to our CNC machines is that they work with incre­dible precision, ensuring good results of high quality every single time. A CNC machine can therefore also be a way to increase customer satis­fa­ction.  


At Gibotech, we can offer safety advice in connection with our automation solu­tions. Our TÜV-certified speci­a­lists have a thorough know­ledge of the Machinery Directive and the appli­cable stan­dards, and they can therefore provide qualified advice as a guarantee that safety is at the highest level.
Gibotech can also offer robot service that is tailored to your needs and that ensures that the production faci­lities are always in operation.
If you want to know more about our services or automation solu­tions, please contact us.


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