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Whether you want stan­dalone CNC machines or machines with inte­grated handling of items, we have, together with our suppliers, a solid foun­dation that makes us able to offer a machine and a solution that will suit the requi­re­ments of our cust­omers perfectly.

Our business partners

You can read more about the brands and manu­fa­c­turers we work with on our unique CNC solu­tions here.

The history of CNC at Gibotech

For many years, Gibotech has sold CNC machines for various automation processes. We started in 1984 where we only sold machines for wood processing, but over the last 30 years, we have deve­loped a wide distri­butor network of machines for all types of CNC processing. Through a solid network of strong business partners, we have built a unique port­folio of machines that each has its own strengths. This gives us a solid foun­dation and a unique opportunity to always offer a machine which suits our cust­omers’ requi­re­ments and resources perfectly.

Because Gibotech is a complete automation house we not only supply CNC machines but also offer to automate the fitting process with a robot so you will get an automation solution with all its benefits.



There are many benefits when inve­sting in CNC processing:


  • High and consi­sting quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Improved compe­ti­ti­veness because production price is the same whether it is night or day, Christmas or Easter
  • Employees have more time for other tasks
  • An improved working environment for the employees – heavy lifting, mono­tonous and repe­ating work is mini­mized, and employees are shel­tered against noise and other damaging influ­ences. A better and safer working environment reduces the number of work-related injuries and sick days


The acronym CNC means Computerized Numerically Controlled.



CNC was deve­loped in the late 1940s and early 1950s by “MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory”


CNC production

CNC refers to a production machine that can produce many consi­stent and complex parts in metal and other mate­rials with the help of computers.


Gibotech offers CNC machines for wood processing. We have great expe­rience in supplying everything from complex solu­tions for CNC processing of things such as compo­nents for chairs, stairs, etc., to more simple solu­tions for CNC processing of everything in regards to wood fiber planks. Our business partner in CNC machines for processing of wood is CMS and Masterwood (SCM, Accord).



CNC processing of plastics requires machines speci­fi­cally designed for this purpose. We have great expe­rience in guiding which type of machine to choose and how the machine should be constructed to meet the customer’s requests and requi­re­ments. The CNC processing center for plastics, which Gibotech supplies, is of the brand CMS that also produces vacuum molding machines for the plastic industry or SCM Accord.


We’ve had a long-time part­nership with Gibotech. We have bought a second CMS machine at Gibotech which we at Bach Composite Industry use to mill, cut and drill with when we work with compo­nents for the wind turbine industry. We work with Gibotech because they are skilled, flexible and good at innovative thinking. Even though the machine is located in Lithuania, Gibotech is still able to advise us because we have installed webcams on the machine, which makes Gibotech able to help us asses the operation of the machine.

Erik Mortensen

Production Manager, Bach Composite Industry A/S


Processing of different kinds of composite is complex, and it is important to choose the right processing center which is confi­gured so e.g. the right spindle motor is chosen and that rails and others are covered and protected against the aggressive dust particles which are often created when processing composite. For the processing of composite Gibotech uses CMS, among others. CMS supplies CNC processing centers for several car manu­fa­c­turers that produce parts in a composite material.


When working with metal processing, Gibotech offers one of the fastest and most thor­oughly tested CNC processing centers from FANUC. FANUC Robodrill is avai­lable as a 3‑, 4‑, or 5‑axis and can also be equipped in different ways. Likewise, the machine is improved with a robotic interface that makes it easy to automate FANUC Robodrill.

Henrik Thomsen is our expert on CNC

If you would like to hear more about how a CNC machine can help automate your production, then contact Henrik Thomsen, Product Manager CNC. He can help you find the best solution and calculate the payback time on the chosen machine.

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