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- and service of CNC machines

When it comes to automation, there may be a need for ongoing main­tenance in the form of robot service. At Gibotech, we are respon­sible for servicing and repairing robots, automation solu­tions and CNC machines.

With a service agre­ement at Gibotech, you are guaranteed autho­rized robot service, so your production is always 100% functional. We also offer robot service and servicing of CNC machines during the evening and weekend hours, so you are assured of peace of mind and stable numbers on the bottom line.


we offer

A robot service agre­ement with Gibotech gives you many advan­tages. Most importantly service agre­ement ensures that your production facility runs better with fewer stops. The agre­ement is always tailored to your specific needs.



With a robot service agre­ement, we make sure to store a backup of the software for all of the systems we provide, just as we can help make a backup of the existing software. It is a small inve­stment that will quickly make its way home in case of an accident.



Gibotech is the Scandinavian repre­sen­tative for OSAI. We distribute both OSAI’s innovative solu­tions and spare parts, and we offer support and service on existing OSAI products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.


We offer service and repair on any operating machine. Many of Gibotech’s machines are still operating after 30 years or more. We have a large stock of spare parts, and what we do not have in stock can in most cases be procured from day to day.


Gibotech offers to move complete production plants.  You can read more about some of the plants we have built and moved, here.


We offer courses for all levels, price ranges, and at all times.


If you need other solu­tions dealing with robotics and automation solu­tions; do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized solu­tions with subsequent robot service and main­tenance of CNC machines

Unlike many other automation houses, we have our own software department with expe­ri­enced deve­l­opers who are respon­sible for deve­l­oping software solu­tions and controls for a wide range of cust­omers. Here we are able to build everything from scratch based on the cust­o­mer’s wishes and needs. The tasks are often complex, but we guarantee that the finished solution meets the agreed with the customer and that the solution is easy to operate.

Our port­folio primarily includes hospital robots and indu­strial robots. As long as one of our robot solu­tions is part of the cust­o­mer’s production or workflow, we can also offer robot service afterwards. At Gibotech you can get a cust­o­mized mobile robot or CNC machine, and we can also create a sterile center that can streamline the flow of work in hospitals.

Common to all our products is that automation is used to faci­litate the work of employees, as well as the opportunity to increase productivity and thus improve compe­ti­ti­veness. If you want to learn which automation solution is best for your business, please feel free to contact us. Regardless of which of them is imple­mented, we are also happy to stand for robot service, which ensures that they are always in operation.

At Gibotech, we can also provide TÜV certified speci­a­lists who have a thorough know­ledge of the Machinery Directive and the appli­cable stan­dards. They can therefore provide qualified advice on the safety of your business. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


At Gibotech, we can offer a wide range of controls either in connection with inte­grated systems or stand-alone solu­tions. We have a skilled team of expe­ri­enced programmers, and we also have a close and ongoing colla­bo­ration with quality suppliers. And it is precisely this network of colla­bo­rators that allows us to offer a wide range of controls, each of which has its own specific strengths.

We are certified partners of Allen-Bradley controls from Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation is an American supplier of indu­strial automation and infor­mation technology and is a valuable partner in deve­l­oping controls for CNC machines as well as controls for other types of robots. We also offer Siemens, Omron and OSAI controls.

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Safe opera­tions with robot service from Gibotech

At Gibotech we have a team of skilled tech­ni­cians who speci­alize in robot service of KUKA robots, FANUC and Kawasaki robots, cobots from Omron and mobile robots from DS Automation and Omron. In the case of robot service of CNC machines, we have speci­a­lists attached to machines from CMS, SCM and Tekna, as well as control systems from Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Omron, CMS, SCM and Tekna. In addition, we are Scandinavian repre­sen­tative of OSAI.

With a robot service agre­ement from Gibotech, you are assured that your robot solu­tions are in constant operation. We can also be contacted in the evenings and on weekends in case there is a need for robot service outside normal working hours. In other words, we are only a call away if the need for robot service should arise. With our in-depth expe­rience with robot service, we can quickly locate the problem and get it fixed so that the robot is quickly back in operation. If you want to know more about what an agre­ement on robot service at Gibotech includes, you are always welcome to contact our service department.


Max response time: one working day.


The opportunity to get tech­nical support; both offline and online.


Continuous service solu­tions with intervals that will fit your production.

Constant Safety

Fixed budget, no surprises.

Special Benefits

Customers with a service agre­ement from Gibotech are offered a discount agre­ement on spare parts and tech­nical assistance.

We offer service and repairs on most brands and products within robots and CNC machines.

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Intelligent machine tending with robot and CNC machine
Leica_omronTM robot

Course in robot programming

On a course in robot programming, you will learn, among other things, to perform a simple robot program and secure, manual operation of the robot using the programming device. You’ll also get a good know­ledge of the robot’s construction, capa­bi­lities and perfor­mance, and you’ll learn how to change in an existing program.

Areas we cover:

To give you the best know­ledge of the robots, we go through a number of different topics on the robot course:

- Safety of the robot

- General review of the robot and its components

- Overall expla­nation of how the robot works and its coor­dinate system

- Further review of the programming device, options, options, menu and features

- Basic know­ledge of programming Storage capacity

- Change of existing posi­tions in the program

- Use different motion functions (one axis at a time, linear, and circular)

- User area and tool area (and how they are deter­mined and used)

- Practical exercises for better understanding

- Backup and loading of existing backup


Gibotech’s courses in robotics programming run for three days, from 9.00−16.00. We can also schedule the course to match your needs. 


A course in robotics programming is DKK 9,500 for each parti­cipant; and it includes course mate­rials and meals.


All parti­ci­pants receive a diploma after finishing the course, on the last day of training

We offer the following courses in Fanuc’s robots: Basic FANUC robot programmingExtended FANUC robot programming Both courses are held in Gibotech’s premises at Datavej 15, 5220 Odense . Duration 3 days, price including meals: DKK 9,500.00 per participant.

Basic programming of CNC machines This course is held at Herningsholm Erhvervsskole. Read more about this course Contact Herningsholm Erhvervsskole

Years with training and courses

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