Robotics solu­tions for the industry

Gibotech develops, delivers and provides service on custom-made automation solu­tions for a wide selection of busi­nesses working with robotics technology, and the product range includes both common indu­strial robots and auto­nomous AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle).

With both big and powerful indu­strial robots and small and fast robots, our business partners’ products complement each other and give us the opportunity to create the best solu­tions – every time!


Our business partners

You can read more about the brands and manu­fa­c­turers we work with for our unique robotics solu­tions here.

Automation with impact on the bottom line

Investment in automation with robots results in better products, fewer errors, and satisfied cust­omers, which can be seen on the bottom line.

Gibotech’s solu­tions range widely and meet all the chal­lenges that companies in the industry might face. Our solu­tions optimize the operation and enhance effi­ciency. The working environment is improved and employee satis­fa­ction is increased. And the company’s economy is improved.

We work with world-leading suppliers in both robotics technology and compo­nents, which make us and our solu­tions highly compe­titive. We have our own software and construction department as well as a large production department with competent fitters and experts. At last, we also have a whole department with well-educated people dedi­cated to servicing you and your solu­tions. We have all quali­fi­ca­tions in both hardware and software in-house and we can always offer custom-made customer-specific solu­tions for your company.

“Man is not meant for mono­tonous and repe­ating tasks. Robots are.”
Tommy Madsen

Sales Manager, Robotics Dk and Baltics, Fanuc Nordic AB

A condition for growth

A survey from The London School of Economics docu­ments the effect of robots and automation as a condition and moti­vation for economic growth. Across 17 test coun­tries, it showed that an increase in the use of robots increased the GDP with 0.37 % annually.

The more auto­mated a production gets the greater is the chance that the companies can maintain the production and thus jobs in Denmark. Actually, more companies get the opportunity to bring the outsourced production home once they have auto­mated all or part of their production. With the help of targeted efforts in automation and instal­lation of robots and robotics technology, Gibotech increases the companies’ competitiveness.

Top 10

Denmark is in the top 10 of coun­tries in the world with most robots.

More jobs

Surveys show that one robot gene­rates three to five jobs and create more satis­fa­ction, productivity, and quality.

Made for the job

Man is not meant for mono­tonous and repe­ating tasks. Robots are.
Danmark at the top

Robotics technology and automation help provide jobs, increased productivity and orders, and Denmark is one of the coun­tries in the world that holds the majority of robots per employee. The spread of robotics technology is high and Denmark is ranked sixth on most indu­strial robots per 10,000 employees in the industry. Leaving out of account the car industry, which Denmark is not part of, then we are at the very top.

A better Competitiveness

Companies focusing on imple­menting robotics technology, and where robots work alongside people, perform better in compe­tition with foreign companies.

Søren Peter Johansen from Technological Institute is convinced:

The first reason to use robots is to save manpower. But then, when you start to save manpower, you can make production cheaper and increase your productivity. When you do that you can sell your products at a lower price and you become more compe­titive. It often results with the companies being able to sell more and then having to employ more people in all the functions where there are no robots and robotics technology.”

We chose Gibotech as a supplier of our robotics plant. We did this primarily because we looked into the different suppliers in the market, and we discovered that Gibotech has a good reputation as a trustworthy supplier of plants that actually work. We have expanded our part­nership and are now imple­menting a new product line with Gibotech machines.
Peter Mylius Bruun

Plant Manager, Plus Pack A/S

The production home to Denmark

Robots make it possible for companies to bring production back to Denmark and Europe because the wages will mean less when automation mini­mizes the manual tasks and working hours. And when the price for the robot is the same whether it is located in China or Denmark, there are great benefits by placing production close to the cust­omers. And what you can save on logi­stics increases profi­ta­bility on automation.


Improved working environment

By letting robots take over mono­tonous and repe­ating tasks, the employees can concen­trate on tasks where more complex human skills are required. It increases satis­fa­ction among employees and reduces the risk of errors. Fewer manual tasks minimize the risk of work-related injuries and acci­dents. Therefore, robots can help reduce sick days.

Autonomous robots

In connection with the tradi­tional automation solu­tions, auto­nomous robots are a natural extension to the effi­ciency improvement. We always implement the newest technology in our solu­tions and many busi­nesses can take advantage of the AGV’s flexi­bility to improve efficiency.

Number of indu­strial robots installed in 2016

Industrial robots in Denmark that are no more than 10 years old

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