Goods reception and handling

Gibotech has helped several hospitals with automation of their handling of goods and goods reception. Back in 2011, the world’s first steri­lization central was installed at Gentofte Hospital. And in 2016, we installed an auto­matic goods reception at Herlev Hospital. At the end of 2018, a completely new and auto­matic steri­lization central will be finished at Rigshospitalet, which will help centralize the handling and distri­bution of sterile opera­tional instru­ments for all of the Capital Region of Denmark. 


Automated goods reception and handling

By auto­mating the manual processes and tasks in connection with goods reception and handling, the hospitals get their workflow opti­mized while they create a better working environment for the employees. 

Customized solu­tions

We have years of expe­rience with deve­l­oping automation solu­tions for hospitals and the health service. We know the business and we know that specific solu­tions are required to meet the unique demands. All our solu­tions are cust­o­mized for each indi­vidual hospital and can be upscaled and downscaled so the solution can be adapted to other hospitals.


Our solu­tions are modular and can be adjusted for the hospitals’ indi­vidual demands requests.

Increased effi­ciency

Automation decreases the risk of errors, ensures tracea­bility, and increases efficiency.

Utilization of buildings

Robots and equipment have no demands for physical work condi­tions and can be placed in less attra­ctive rooms like the basement.

Robotics technology

The use of robotics technology increases productivity with the same amount of employees. Robots can work 24/7 and they do not need breaks or vaca­tions and they are never sick. This makes it possible to increase production outside normal working hours without increasing wage costs supplements.

Herlev Hospital

The goods reception at Herlev Hospital was auto­mated in 2016, so now robots, roller conveyors, and AGVs receive the goods and handle the further distri­bution of e.g. opera­tional instru­ments, laundry, and medication.


In 2018/19, we will finish our largest hospital project so far – a completely new steri­lization central at Rigshospitalet. The solution will automate and centralize both handling and distri­bution of sterile items in all of the Capital Region and it takes up 4 floors with goods reception, auto­matic high bay storage, washing areas, etc.

Optimal use of buildings

An auto­matic goods reception can be installed in new buil­dings or adjusted to the demands in existing buil­dings. Robots are flexible and have fewer demands for the physical working environment than employees, which make it possible to place them in less attra­ctive rooms like the basement.

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