Hospital robot

Robotics has been deve­l­oping rapidly in recent years, as has the hospital sector. Since 1984, Gibotech has created automation solu­tions using the latest robotics, and our port­folio also includes several different hospital robots that can perform a number of important functions in the healt­hcare sector. Each hospital robot is built in modules, which provides a unique opportunity to put together a solution that is adapted to the cust­o­mer’s specific needs.


In our port­folio of innovative hospital robots you can find an auto­mated sterile center that can be imple­mented in the sterile workflow of hospitals. A Central Sterile Supply Department, CSSD, can be established in brand new buil­dings, just as it can be adapted to the requi­re­ments of already existing buil­dings, and you therefore get a highly flexible hospital robot, which for example can also be placed in the basement or other less favorable working environ­ments. A CSSD can help automate the manual processes and tasks asso­ciated with receiving and handling goods. A CSSD can also be respon­sible for steri­lising surgical instru­ments, thus helping to ensure a high standard when it comes to infection hygiene in the hospital.

Hospital robots with a wide range of functions

At Gibotech, we have deve­loped and produced several different hospital robots, each of which has its unique functions. This provides an opportunity to meet the chal­lenges that may arise in the indi­vidual hospital or in the health service. Among other things, we have mobile robots that can move around freely and can thus relieve the burden of trans­porting operating equipment manually. Our mobile robots are small and therefore do not take up much space, and they benefit the employees as they release working hours for other tasks for the employees at the hospital. Several of Gibotech’s mobile hospital robots use lasers and other censors to identify obstacles, as well as an emer­gency stop that can prevent acci­dents, so safety is top notch. The mobile hospital robots can also be used in the receipt of goods as well as assi­sting in product handling. This type of hospital robot can help lower the cost of both pay and operation, and a hospital robot is therefore an inve­stment that will quickly be visible on the bottom line.

At Gibotech, we have also deve­loped a hospital robot that can increase the effi­ciency of blood test handling. The hospital robot is respon­sible for recog­nizing and recording the samples, which are auto­ma­ti­cally passed on to the right labo­ra­tories. This auto­mated handling helps to minimize trivial and mono­tonous work for employees, which is where there is the greatest risk of human error and work injuries. By setting a hospital robot to handle blood test handling, more samples can be processed than is the case with manual handling, and therefore it ensures a conti­nuous flow of samples, which provides short and stable response times.

Among other things, we have deve­loped GiboSort, which is a very special hospital robot that can handle blood test handling from the general practi­tioners and all the way to the hospitals’ labo­ra­tories. With this type of hospital robot, the blood samples are trans­ported in specially designed transport boxes from the GPs to the hospital, where a sorting robot empties the boxes and sorts the samples, where they are mixed with the hospi­tal’s own samples. This hospital robot can prio­ritize the box with urgent tests, just as it can put uniden­ti­fiable samples in a box for them, where they will be handled manually. GiboSort was first installed at Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød in 2015 with great success, and has since been intro­duces at other hospitals.

Patient safety

The reduction of manual processes mini­mizes the risk of human errors.


Implementing robotics technology provides a higher effi­ciency with the same amount of employees.

Working condi­tions

Automation reduces mono­tonous and repe­ating tasks and improves employees’ ergo­nomic conditions.

Take advantage of modern technology with a hospital robot

Automation has many advan­tages in the healt­hcare sector as well as in the indi­vidual company. Thus, we can also be respon­sible for the deve­l­opment and programming of various indu­strial robots, which can free up resources in the company by making full use of the production faci­lities. Since 1984, we have deli­vered solu­tions to many different cust­omers in very different indu­stries. We therefore also have in-depth expe­rience in creating an automation solution that fits perfectly in the company’s production. We also make sure to create customer-specific surfaces that make it easy for the employees in the company to make use of the system. At Gibotech, we can also create a  CNC machine and solution that increases productivity and thus ensures shorter delivery times, and frees up time for employees to perform other and more demanding tasks.

If you choose Gibotech to handle your hospital robot or other robotic solu­tions, we are respon­sible for both construction and programming. The automation solution will be deve­loped based on the cust­o­mer’s needs and with our expertise as a guarantee that it meets the appli­cable legal requi­re­ments. If the automation solution is part of our cust­omers’ production, we are able to deliver spare parts, just as we can also offer to perform robot service on them. If you want to know more about the many benefits of hospital robots or our other automation solu­tions, please feel free to contact us.

Mobile robots

Implementing mobile robots at hospitals opti­mizes logi­stics and increases tracea­bility of the items being trans­ported. At the same time, employees have more time for e.g. patient-focused tasks.

Blood samples

Gibotech has deve­loped a solution based on robotics technology for auto­matic regi­stration and handling of blood samples, which makes faster prio­ri­tizing and answers to the tests possible.

Goods reception

Automatic goods reception and handling free employee resources and increase tracea­bility of the received goods.

Central Sterile Supply Department

Gibotech has deve­loped, deli­vered, and installed the world’s first robotics based auto­matic storage and pack­aging system for sterile instru­ments and disposables.

Selected products

Our high-tech automation solu­tions for hospitals and the health sector are built-in modules. This provides us with the best starting point and we are always able to construct and deliver a solution that suits the needs of our cust­omers’ perfectly.

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