Since the founding of Gibotech in 1984, we have been a robotics company creating automation solu­tions for a broad range of clients. We take pride in the fact that many of the instal­la­tions dating back to our 1984 begin­nings remain in operation to this day. Despite our decades of expe­rience as a robotics company, we are not resting on our laurels. We are always striving to be creative and innovative.

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Gibotech develops, installs and performs main­tenance on high-tech automation‑, robot- and machine solu­tions for a wide variety of indu­stries. We have deve­loped various hospital robots, that improve the working environment for the hospital staff and increase patient safety. Gibotech has also deve­loped a Central Sterilization Services Departement, which enables effi­cient steri­lization of surgical equipment, and solution for improving and opti­mizing blood sample handling and sorting. 

Gibotech is also behind a range of indu­strial robot solu­tions contri­buting to production opti­mization. We offer various types of robotics solu­tions, which covers a long line of automation solu­tions, including tradi­tional indu­strial robots, colla­bo­rative robots and mobile robots. These automation solu­tions make it possible to increase the effi­ciency and relieve certain tasks for the employees, thus, creating time for other tasks. 

Gibotech also offers CNC machines, that may be the initial step in auto­mating the production, thus, providing increased productivity and improved compe­ti­ti­venes. We began in 1984 by dealing with CNC machines for the wood industry, but today we can offer machines for every type of CNC machining. 

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Gibotech – a valuable business partner

At Gibotech, we strive to deliver effi­cient and future-proof automation systems, and in an industry that never sleeps, it is therefore a matter of constant innovation. Therefore, we employ a team of skilled speci­a­lists who ensure that our cust­omers receive the right guidance and who make sure that we develop the right solution for their needs.

Gibotech has great expe­rience in deli­vering solu­tions to a diverse range of indu­stries. That, in conjun­ction with our great crea­tivity, contri­butes to providing our cust­omers with increased effi­ciency, lower production costs, and better compe­ti­ti­veness. Once a robot is imple­mented, we also offer robot servicing to ensure conti­nuous operation. In addition, we are able to deliver spare parts, and if they are not avai­lable in our own stock, we can typi­cally procure them on a day-to-day basis.

We supply cust­o­mized robotics and automation solutions

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We offer service agre­e­ments on most brands, and we will help you get started with your robotics and automation solutions.

Take a trip through the goods reception

Take a trip through the goods reception

Sjællands Universitetshospital, Køge has an auto­mated goods reception where conveyors, hoists and scissor lifts keep track of the case carts.A trip through an auto­mated goods reception is not something you usually are allowed to do. But now you can. At Sjællands…

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Automation solu­tions for Nyt OUH

Automation solu­tions for Nyt OUH

A lot of automation has been planned for the work­flows at Nyt OUH. Here, it is the kitchen robot Rob-Otto that empties the food carts and places trays and containers at the washing machine.Progress is being made with the construction of New OUH, Region Southern…

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