Handling of blood samples

Gibotech has deve­loped multiple solu­tions for the handling of blood samples for hospitals that improves effi­ciency and patient safety, while the work environment is improved for the employees. The solu­tions are cust­o­mized for the hospitals’ requi­re­ments but are also scalable so we can create a solution that suits your requirements. 

robot til automatisk blodprøvehåndtering
Automatic blood sample handling

Intelligent and safe handling of blood samples

Gibotech’s robotic solu­tions for the auto­matic handling of blood samples at the hospitals help increase effi­ciency so that more samples can be processed than during manual handling. The samples are recog­nized and regi­stered by a robot that auto­ma­ti­cally sends the samples to the right labo­ra­tories. The auto­matic handling of the samples mini­mizes tedious, manual proce­dures where errors typi­cally occur and cause a risk for work-related injuries. At the same time, the robot provides a conti­nuous flow of samples that result in a short and reliable response time. 

The robot that auto­ma­ti­cally handles blood samples at Odense Universitetshospital.


Gibotech has deve­loped GiboSort – a special robotic solution for the handling of blood samples; from the general practi­tioner and all the way to the labo­ra­tories at the hospitals. The auto­matic handling of the blood samples mini­mizes the risk of errors that might occur during manual handling and shortens the trans­portation time, which helps increase the effi­ciency signi­fi­cantly. The blood samples are trans­ported from the GP in special-made trans­portation boxes and are deli­vered at the hospital and at GiboSort’s internal deli­vering system. Then the boxes are sent to the sorting robot that empties the boxes and sorts the samples. It then sends the samples to the analysis lines where they mix with the hospital’s internal samples. No samples are lost and there is no queuing. The robot uses a camera to identify the content of the boxes and it is able to see if the samples are centri­fuged or not. The robot prio­ri­tizes the boxes with urgent samples, and samples that cannot be iden­tified are sent to a special box for manual handling. 

Complete inte­gration

The auto­matic handling of blood samples can be inte­grated with the hospital’s internal logi­stics system.

The best from the industry

The solution is a deve­l­opment of thor­oughly tested concepts. long expe­rience and products from the industry.

Improved working environment

The working environment is improved when reducing repe­titive tasks, employees will have less sick days and the risk of acci­dents is reduced.

Increased patient safety

Automation provides 100 % tracea­bility, and less manual work results in higher quality and consi­stent results.

robot til automatisk blodprøvehåndtering

Focus on key tasks While a robot takes care of the tedious work of handling and sorting blood samples, the hospital staff can concen­trate on their key tasks and focus on solving quality assu­rance and vali­dation tasks and be diag­nostic partners in the clinical depart­ments where they are closer to the patients. 


One of a kind GiboSort is deve­loped with an intel­ligent sorting robot based on thor­oughly tested and effi­cient concepts and products from the industry. The robot was first installed at the North Zealand hospital; Hillerød in 2015, where they auto­ma­ti­cally unpack and sort samples from the GPs. GiboSort was the only robot in Denmark that can handle blood, pathology, and micro­bi­o­lo­gical samples.

It’s amazing to get the opportunity to test new robotics technology here and now. It gives us a tech­no­lo­gical head start for when we in 2020 move to the new super hospital. The expe­ri­ences we get now are a vital basis for the deve­l­opment of our labo­ratory with the newest technology. The gain is the absolute highest patient safety

Henrik Schiødts

Vice President, Vice President, Department of Clinically Biochemistry, Nordsjællands Hospital


Continuous flow The auto­matic handling and sorting of samples provide a conti­nuous flow of samples. This results in a short and reliable response time that in the end will benefit the patients. At the same time, the auto­matic process improves the pre-analy­tical quality, which results in higher patient safety.

Automatic blood sample handling

Automatic troub­les­hooting The robot in GiboSort is able to detect errors and it is able to see if samples have been centri­fuged or not and if a tube is filled correctly. And it can detect if a practice makes syste­ma­tical errors so that the staff does not have to manually register errors. Instead, they get stati­stical data that shows what kind of errors occurs and where they occur, which provides greater safety for the patients.


Automatic systems for the handling of blood samples can be constructed in many different ways. We are speci­a­lists in constructing, adapting and opti­mizing robots and machines for the handling of blood samples, and we, therefore, want our customer’s request and demands before we give an offer. Therefore, get a completely non-binding phone meeting or a meeting at yours or our company so we can identify your requi­re­ments and options together.



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