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KUKA Robotics is one of the leading manu­fa­c­turers of indu­strial robots in the world. Therefore, it is only natural that Gibotech offers and imple­ments KUKA robots in solu­tions for different businesses.

Versatile robots that do their job

KUKA covers almost all load ranges and robot types with their wide and unique range of indu­strial robots. Fitting controls and software packages with a wide range of appli­ca­tions finishes KUKA’s product program.

You can see a selection of our existing robotics solu­tions and learn more about the advan­tages by choosing this solution here.

We have designed and deli­vered automation solu­tions for a wide range of busi­nesses – including auto­matic spray-paint, machine operation, mounting, storage systems, and palletizing.


Industry 4.0

KUKA’s innovative approach to automation places them among the leading robotics suppliers across Europe. KUKA helps define and create solu­tions used in the fourth revo­lution or Industry 4.0 through a high-perfor­mance, effi­cient, flexible, and not least reliable product program. By using KUKA’s robots, Gibotech can be part of the creation of the automation solu­tions of the future.

Already, KUKA has deve­loped some of the foun­dation stones for the imple­men­tation of Industry 4.0:


  • Securing robotics systems for Human-robot
  • Mobile robots with an inte­grated navi­gation system
  • Modular based controller for easy coupling with the rest of the IT world

100 years of experience

For more than 100 years, KUKA has stood for ideas and innovation that has made their products a success all over the world.

KUKA Titan in Guinness World Records

In 2007, KR Titan was launched. With a payload on 1000 kg and a span on 3200 mm, it is the biggest and strongest 6‑axis indu­strial robot – and it has been included in Guinness World Records.

Spare parts guarantee

When you invest in one of Gibotech’s solu­tions with FANUC’s robots we will make sure that you are supplied with spare parts as long as the robot is operating.

KUKA Connect

Did you know that you can get a status on your KUKA robot through a clear and effi­cient visual analysis? KUKA Connect converts your robotics data to intel­ligent infor­mation and helps you make the most of your resources in a more effi­cient way. BIG data, both live and histo­rical data, is trans­formed and visu­a­lized, which provide you with a better basis for a decision for a more effi­cient day to day production.

Among the world’s robotics suppliers

Every day across the world, 13,000 KUKA employees work at the headquarters in Augsburg and around the world to make sure that KUKA is still among the world’s leading robotics suppliers. The KUKA robots are suitable for many different indu­stries e.g. the car industry as one of the biggest, and different busi­nesses within the indu­strial sector. The KUKA robots are used both in single cells and for complete fully-auto­mated production lines and systems.

Detect the problems early on

With KUKA Connect you can automate operation and main­tenance of your KUKA robots by planning current and future main­tenance jobs. By moni­toring compo­nents and alarms during possible proce­dures you can detect any problems early on and before they cause unplanned downtime.

Orange is more than just a color to us. It is the feeling that drives us towards inte­grated thinking and acting every day. Together with cust­omers, producers and external partners, our deve­l­opers are constantly thriving to reach the perfect solution. Like this, extra­or­dinary added value is created. That is Orange Intelligence.

Wilfried Eberhardt

Chief Marketing Officer of the KUKA, KUKA Aktiengesellschaft, Augsburg

Be a part of the newest technology

Part of KUKA’s strategy is to be at the fore­front of the chal­lenges of the future so they will always be able to supply robots that live up to the demands companies like Gibotech have when they implement the technology.

For companies that want to invest in automation, imple­menting the newest technology ensures that KUKA’s and thereby Gibotech’s solu­tions are constantly at the highest level. If you want to know more about the KUKA robots and how you can use them to optimize your production, feel free to contact us, or you can read more about our robotics solu­tions here.

Read more about KUKA on their website.


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