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Gibotech’s mobile robot solu­tions are based on recog­nized brands, known technology and extensive expe­rience from previous projects.

This solution includes Omron’s mobile robots, that are der er auto­nomous mobile robots (AMR) designed to increase productivity in all types of production. 

Omron’s fleet mana­gement can handle up to 100 mobile robots.


1 Omron LD-60


5 cust­o­mized roller conveyors for pickup/

Room navi­gation

Scans the environment for safe


Incl. instal­lation, commis­sioning and
operator training


Complete docu­men­tation of AMR and
roller conveyors


• Customized solution for your production
• Quick and easy to install
• Simple to operate
• Higher effi­ciency
• Improved compe­ti­ti­veness
• Reducing manual work
• Greater job satis­fa­ction for increased productivity


• 1 mobile robot, Omron LD-60
• Customer-specific roller coaster top for robot
• 5 pcs. customer-specific pick-up/drop-off roller track stations
• Electrical cabinets and all necessary electrical compo­nents
• Installation and commis­sioning at Gibotech with FAT test
• Installation and commis­sioning at the customer with SAT test
• Complete docu­men­tation package incl. CE documentation

Larger mobile robot, that may transport heavier boxes
• Omron LD-250
• Omron HD-1500


GiboMove is designed to remove manual internal trans­portation of boxes and with the solution, the customer gets a 100% auto­mated internal card­board box transport flow.

GiboMove can be tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs. 

In this solution there is a roller conveyor on top of the robot, and if you have any other wishes, Gibotech will implement them. 

The basic version of the solution shown is 1 mobile robot, trans­porting boxes from 4 production lines to storage, from inventory to production lines. If there is a need to move heavier boxes, Omron’s mobile robots are avai­lable in several sizes that can transport up to 1500 kg.

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